Apple Patents Antenna Behind Logo Idea

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Apple has patented an idea for potentially working around antenna signal issues in laptops and smartphones: build the antenna into the product logo. The logo antenna, as Apple calls it, avoids radio signal blocking metal in electronic devices by positioning antennas behind the Apple logo, according to Patently Apple.

The patent describes a system where the logo antenna would be mounted in an conductive cavity with a dielectric window covering the actual antenna structure. In this case, the window would be shaped like the Apple logo.

A logo antenna wouldn’t be as susceptible to signal interference from the MacBook’s all metal body, or the iPhone’s frame. It would also avoid signal loss issues some iPhone 4 owners experienced when holding their phone without a case on it.

The patent also applies to other electronic devices, such as watches and pendants, too. That could be a hint at future Apple product plans, but it could also simply be wording designed to block other companies from trying to steal the antenna placement idea.

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From what I learned about cell phones antennas during the phony controversy over the iPhone 4’s antenna, the invention reported on, supra, appear to minimize, if not avoid, two major problems with cell-phone antennas:  One, if Apple is careful in where it positions the logo-antenna on its devices, it will minimize the risk that a user will interfere with reception by covering the antenna with his hand; and two, the logo-antenna appears to help isolate the antenna from interference from other conductive elements in an OS X and iOS device (Computing Device). 

However, from what I’ve learned, the solution implemented by the proposed invention isn’t perfect.  A user, who goes out of his way to cover the antenna with his hand will still cause the degradation of reception in his Computing Device, so users will still need to be warned that, as is true of all such devices, there is a right way to hold the device so that its reception isn’t diminished.  And while Apple’s invention may do the best job of isolating the antenna from the conductive interference of a device’s other components and systems, it won’t perfectly block such interference.

So, if this invention is ever implemented in Apple’s devices, Steve must do a good job of explaining just what users can expect in terms of reception and how to hold the device correctly, so that we don’t get a repeat of the phony controversy that we had about iPhone 4’s antenna.

Also, those who make cases for Apple’s devices will have to adjust the design of their products so as not to interfere with the device’s logo-antenna.

But this could be a good idea, and Apple may have already implemented it in its future products.  We shall see.

Lee Dronick

But this could be a good idea, and Apple may have already implemented it in its future products.? We shall see.

I would think that they tested it in their state-of-the-art cell phone lab. As you said. we shall see.


Grip the iphone as you would during a call. If any part of your hand covers the Apple logo…. You’re holding it wrong ;P

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