Apple Patents Antenna Behind Logo Idea

Apple has patented an idea for potentially working around antenna signal issues in laptops and smartphones: build the antenna into the product logo. The logo antenna, as Apple calls it, avoids radio signal blocking metal in electronic devices by positioning antennas behind the Apple logo, according to Patently Apple.

The patent describes a system where the logo antenna would be mounted in an conductive cavity with a dielectric window covering the actual antenna structure. In this case, the window would be shaped like the Apple logo.

A logo antenna wouldn’t be as susceptible to signal interference from the MacBook’s all metal body, or the iPhone’s frame. It would also avoid signal loss issues some iPhone 4 owners experienced when holding their phone without a case on it.

The patent also applies to other electronic devices, such as watches and pendants, too. That could be a hint at future Apple product plans, but it could also simply be wording designed to block other companies from trying to steal the antenna placement idea.