Apple Patents Miniature Projector Technology

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Future Apple hardware could have miniature projectors – known as pico projectors – built in, if a recent patent filing is any indication. According to Patently Apple, preliminary R&D work on the technology began in June 2009, and now the company is expanding the technology into different types of systems, such as integration with a dedicated projection remote control or use as a client device, like an iPhone.

Patently Apple notes one obvious way a pico projector would impact the iPhone: integrated with Apple’s Keynote Remote app, the projector would let salespeople make pitches anywhere, or allow someone to demo their presentation before a big meeting. 

And in the home, Apple’s patent notes that the projection system “may include a wireless router and act as a hub,” making it perfect movies, TV shows, and even games. Patently Apple’s article goes into further depth, with plenty of images from the patent filing.

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