Apple Pays $946 Fine in Korean iPhone Tracking Lawsuit

Apple has paid a court ordered 1 million won (about US$946) fine in an iPhone tracking-related lawsuit in Korea. The big payout went to Kim Hyung-suk who sued Apple over claims that the company was tracking iPhone user’s locations without permission, according to Reuters.

One. Million... won
Apple pays up 1 million won in iPhone tracking lawsuit

The Korean lawsuit followed public concern over reports that the iPhone was keeping detailed logs showing the locations users have visited. Apple said that the location data stored on user’s iPhones wasn’t being downloaded, and added that the local database was filled with nearby cell towers to help location-based services performance.

Apple later released an iOS update that limited the number of locations stored in the database, stopped the database from backing up during iTunes syncing, and gave users a way to delete the database from their devices.

Kim Hyung-suk, the plaintiff in the Korean lawsuit, also happens to be an attorney and he now plans to launch a class action lawsuit against Apple over the iPhone’s location tracking.

Apple has not commented on the lawsuit or planned class action case.