Apple Picks U.S. Company for Data Center Solar Power

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Apple has picked a U.S. company to build the solar power farm the company is developing for its North Carolina data center. AppleInsider reported that Apple has chosen Leaf Solar Power of Lake Worth, Florida, for the project, despite the fact that Chinese solar manufacturers lead the world in cheap solar cells.

Leaf Solar Power Promo Image

Leaf Solar Power Promo Image

That said, there’s nothing to guarantee (yet) that the project will use cells produced in the U.S., but assuming the deal stays in the hands o Leaf Solar Power, it will be a regional company overseeing and managing the project.

Leaf Solar Power is a relatively small company, and the company’s website is quite limited and includes lots of placeholder information. For instance, the company’s Solar Farm page says, and we quote, “Solar Farms.” The company’s Mission Statement talks about job creation, sustainable jobs, and “Solar solutions from the Sun and wind.”

The company’s LinkedIn listing is a little more specific, however, and describes Leaf Solar Power as a company that specializes in residential and commercial solar installations, as well as solar powered domestic hot water installations.

AppleInsider’s source is an unnamed person familiar with the deal, and neither Leaf Solar Power nor Apple is commenting on the story.


Lee Dronick

This pleases me.


The tantalizing thing about this is that Apple chose to partner with a small player.  And which specializes in residential and small commercial installations.  Which makes me wonder if Apple is planning to work hand in hand with this company to develop new solar technologies.

There was a thread in macobserver a while back where we speculated what new line of business Apple could enter and completely revolutionize.  I suggested something totally from left field where the Apple way of doing things might lead to a sea change in the industry.  Something as unlikely as the airlines, or the auto business.  Could residential solar be ‘it’?

I think Apple is hard at work at a Siri-anchored smart house system.  Residential solar generation is just a skip and a jump from that.

Stan Winstone

What do you mean “despite the fact?” Eff the chinese and let’s win a couple for the home team shall we?

Lee Dronick

I think Apple is hard at work at a Siri-anchored smart house system.? Residential solar generation is just a skip and a jump from that.

Remember a few weeks back when there was a story when an ex Apple engineer came out with a smart HVAC thermostat?

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