Apple Posts $2.6M Bond for Samsung Galaxy Tab Injunction

Apple was granted an injunction on Tuesday blocking the import and sale of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet in the United States, and on Wednesday Apple posted the US$2.6 million bond to enforce the ruling. Samsung quickly responded by filing a motion to stay the injunction until an appeal it filed can run its course.

Apple blocks Galaxy Tab 10.1 sales... for nowApple blocks Galaxy Tab 10.1 sales… for now

Apple and Samsung have accused each other of using patented technologies without proper licensing. The two companies have taken their patent battle to courts in several countries, and Apple has called the Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet a blatant copy of the iPad.

With the bond posted, Samsung is now required to stop selling its tablet in the U.S. or face possible sanctions for contempt of court.

Samsung’s motion to stay the injunction was filed later in the day, and the company asked for an expedited schedule in hopes of keeping its tablet on store shelves. The company’s legal team wants to avoid stopping sales while its appeal to the injunction is resolved in court.

“According to Samsung’s proposal, Apple would have to file its opposition brief tomorrow, Friday, by noon local time,” said Florian Muller of Foss Patents. “Apple actually would have been willing to agree on an expedited schedule but wanted to have until Monday for its filing.”

Samsung is hoping to convince the court that the injunction was granted improperly because Judge Lucy Koh, the Judge overseeing the case, didn’t allow new evidence before entering her ruling.

Apple hasn’t commented on Samsung’s motion, although the fact that it posted the $2.6 million bond so quickly it’s clear the company doesn’t want any more Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablets sold.