Apple Posts iAd Gallery App for Viewing iAds…Seriously

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Apple of the last ten to twelve years is likely to go down as one of the best marketing companies in history. The company is confident enough of its own ads, for instance, to post them on its Web site. It turns out that Apple is even proud enough of the ads developed for and by third-party companies for its iAd network to post an app on the App Store called iAd Gallery with the sole purpose of letting you see all of those current adds.

As the saying goes, there’s an app for that, even if it’s to watch advertising.

iAd Gallery Screenshot

Behold the iAd Gallery! Spin the wheel, view an ad, make some money for Apple!

Apple’s marketing brilliance knows no bounds. Not only does this app show off how different and cool Apple’s iAds are, it’s also making the company money. Viewing an ad most likely counts as an ad impression, and since the app’s sole raison d’être is to view those apps, advertisers are getting what they’re paying for, focused eyeballs.

In any event, the app is a free download, and it’s available for iPhone and iPod touch. It will play on your iPad or iPad 2, as well, but in emulation mode.



Apple, I dare you to take this one step further: Start charging a couple dollars for this app! That would be the ultimate triumph for Apple marketing; to make costumers PAY for the privilege of watching ads!


Has anyone checked to see if Apple has filed for an “Ad Store” trademark?


Eh. I could see the app being useful for companies or individuals wanting to create iAds. So why not.

John Dingler, artist

As soon as Google and Apple began competing for ad delivery companies, I made the observation that the ad has become the content to the general public. This Apple App which advertises the ads themselves backs up my observation.

Of course, corporations have always considered the ad to be the content all along.

This all fits in with the US’s seemingly irreversible growth into a fascist state where corporations rule and propaganda replaces beneficial policy.

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