Apple Posts iPad Manual Online

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Apple’s iPad doesn’t ship with a user manual, but the company has posted a PDF version on its Support Web site. The manual is available as a free download even if you don’t own an iPad.

The manual includes instructions on using the iPad’s features, how to add and remove applications, playing music and video, viewing photos, browsing the Web, reading and sending email, working with calendars and contacts, troubleshooting, and more.

The iPad user manual is over 150 pages long and can be downloaded for free at the Apple Support Web site.

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A bit more than a flip card.

Maybe Apple could have made a note on the “instruction card” that came with the iPad to goto the web site and download the manual.

And I am sure that the “iPad team” feels that if you know how to use an iPhone or iPod touch that you know how to use the iPad. (So we have been told).

And here in Australia all we can do is drool OR go to NYC - like one friend did to buy several - or buy one on ebay (as I did). BUT I will have read the manual before it arrives. wink

Cheers from Oz

John Huie

The manual can be opened on the ipad, but apparently cannot be easily used on the ipad…because it is 150 pages long and you have to scroll (by hand) thru every page… no links, no way to scroll faster…

Bob sherman

Actually like was said you van view the document on the Ipad but it’s not convenient, however you’re not really intended to. In safari in the bookmarks menu there is already a link for an iPad optimized version of the manual. It’s very easy to use and has an always viewable and clickable section guide. Do you really think they wouldn’t have this? Cmon!

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