Apple Confirms Demise of iDisk, iWeb Publishing in iCloud

Apple is finally answering more questions MobileMe users have been asking about the upcoming transition to iCloud thanks to an FAQ posted on the company’s Web site. The page lists the fates for all of MobileMe’s current services, including iDisk and iWeb publishing.

MobileMe to iCloud transition FAQ

The info page reaffirmed that MobileMe and .Mac email addresses will transition to iCloud, and that users will be able to continue using those addresses. Address Book contacts and iCal calendars will continue to sync, as will Safari bookmarks.

Apple also confirmed that Find My iPhone and Back to My Mac will continue on in iCloud. What won’t be making the transition to iCloud is iWeb publishing, Gallery, and iDisk.

Users that rely on System Preferences and Keychain syncing will be out of luck, too. Apple won’t support those syncing services in iCloud, nor will Dashboard widget and Dock item syncing.

Once iCloud launches this fall, current MobileMe customers will be able to continue using the services that are already available to them through June 30, 2012. Any data left in MobileMe features that are being deprecated will be lost if it hasn’t been backed up or moved to other online services.

iCloud is scheduled to launch this fall along side the release of iOS 5. It will also include wireless iOS device backups, document syncing, iTunes in the Cloud, and Photo Stream.

The iCloud service will be free for Lion and iOS 5 users.