Apple Prepping 27-inch LED Display, 12-core Mac Pro

Apple is allegedly working on a 27-inch version of its LED Cinema Display, along with a 12-core Mac Pro Upgrade. Based on anonymous insider reports, the new gear could arrive some time in June, according to AppleInsider.

The 27-inch version of the LED Cinema Display is said to sport a 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution, and to include the same features as the 24-inch Cinema Display Apple introduced over a year ago. Reports also claim that Apple has been delaying the release of the new display while waiting for LED panel prices to come down.

Apple has also apparently been working on a 12-core Mac Pro using Intel’s Westmere hexacore processors. When used in pairs, the chips would give the Mac Pro 12 processor cores. So far there haven’t been many details about the alleged Mac Pro update.

While the timing for a Mac Pro update seems reasonable, the rumor mill hasn’t been able to hit the correct release window yet this year. Reports have incorrectly claimed new models would surface in January, and then then this week.

Since Apple doesn’t talk about unannounced products, these latest 27-inch Cinema Display and 12-core Mac Pro rumors should be taken with an appropriate dose of salt.