Apple Preps for Data Center Launch, Possible Expansion

Apple’s mysterious North Carolina data center facility is ready to go online potentially within days, and the company is apparently already considering doubling the facility’s size. The current building covers some 500,000 square feet, as will the reported second building.

Local officials claim the data center should go into operation “any day now,” according to Data Center Knowledge. Apple executives have said they planned to bring the facility online before the end of the year, although they haven’t confirmed exactly what the facility’s purpose will be.

Even though the data center hasn’t gone into action yet, Apple is already considering building a second 500,000 square foot facility next to the first, according to the Charlotte Business Journal. If true, it would appear Apple’s plans for the center have already grown beyond the building’s capacity.

Apple started building the data center in Maiden, North Carolina, in August using local contractors and materials whenever possible. Presumably the Cupertino-based company would do so for the second building, too.

Apple hasn’t confirmed that it is building a second structure at its North Carolina site, nor has the company ever confirmed what it will be using the facility for. Arial photography, however, seems to indicate the a second data center could already be on the way.