Apple Previews New “Jaw-Dropper” Final Cut Pro

Apple has previewed an upcoming version of Final Cut Pro to “a few folks,” one of whom called it “a jaw-dropper.” Director, editor, producer (and video editing trainer) Larry Jordan wrote in a blog entry that he had seen the new software, and that “it’s gonna be a great year” for video editing community.

“While I am under NDA and can’t talk about what I saw, I CAN tell you the meeting happened and that it showcased the new Final Cut Pro,” Mr. Jordan wrote.

He also wrote that many others were in attendance for the preview, but didn’t specify any names other than to say, “it was a Who’s Who of leaders in the post-production community.”

He’s not saying more, however, and admonished readers not to ask him for more details, saying, ” If you feel the urge to email me for more information, keep in mind that Apple’s lawyers are bigger than your lawyers. So, until Apple lifts the NDA, I’m telling you all I can … for now.”

In addition, he said that as Apple allowed him to say more, he would offer subscribers to his monthly newsletter more information.

Thanks to AppleInsider for the heads up on Mr. Jordan’s post.