Apple Pulls Boot Camp Beta Downloads

Apple Inc. has pulled download links for Boot Camp, following the companyis reminder that the Boot Camp beta would expire with the release of Leopard. Boot Camp is officially a part of the upcoming Leopard operating system, but Apple offered it to Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger" user as an open beta shortly after the software was announced.

Boot Camp allows Mac users to create a Windows partition on their Intel Macs. Users can then choose to boot up their Macs into Windows instead of Mac OS X, with Boot Camp controlling that process.

The beta license technically expired September 30, 2007, though partitions created with the Boot Camp beta still work. Pulling the free beta downloads only effect Tiger users who had not installed Boot Camp on their Macs. currently redirects to a Leopard-centric Boot Camp page where no download option is available. Instead, a pre-order link for Leopard is featured.