Apple Pulls WikiLeaks App from App Store

Apple has quietly pulled the WikiLeaks app for the iPhone from its App Store and apparently hasn’t offered up any reason why it chose to dump the app. WikiLeaks gave users access to the secret government documents being released the controversial wikileaks project.

TechCrunch reported that the WikiLeaks developer, Igor Barinov, broke the news on Twitter that his app was pulled from the App Store on Tuesday. The app first appeared on Apple’s iOS app distribution service on December 17.

No WikiLeaks on the App Store

Assuming Apple shut down the WikiLeaks app because it offered access to leaked secret government documents, the company wouldn’t be alone. Bank of America, Mastercard, Paypal, Visa and Amazon have all been blocking access to wikileaks-related content in various ways this month, and could potentially be joined by other companies soon, too.

Apple hasn’t commented on why it blocked WikiLeaks from the App Store.