Apple Pushes Back Some iPad Accessories

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Apple’s iPad is set to ship on April 3, but some of its accessories won’t make it in time for the launch party. Only the iPad Dock and VGA adapter will be available on the 3rd, and some accessories have been delayed into May.

The iPad Dock and iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter are listed as shipping by April 3 on Apple’s online store. The iPad Case, however, now shows a mid April ship date, and the iPad Keyboard Dock and USB Power Adapter have been pushed out to May.

The company also promised a camera card reader for the iPad, but that still isn’t listed as an accessory at the Apple Store.

Apple introduced the iPad at a special media event in January, and began taking pre-orders on March 12. The multimedia tablet and ebook reader will be available on Saturday, April 3.

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As if it wasn’t good enough that they’re messing us over by forcing us to buy overpriced accessories, now they’re gonna’ make us wait for it. I’ve decided that I’m not even going to touch an iPad until Apple drastically changes their policies on how they do business.


Nice troll, Bryce.  If you don’t like it, don’t buy it.  No need to tell the whole world about it.

Apple does business just like everyone else does business.  Sell product or service.  Pay for costs to sell product or service.  Either make money or lose money.  People will have a choice to buy either Apple accessories or I am sure there will be lots of companies making accessories as well, probably for cheaper than Apple accessories.  But don’t criticize Apple for wanting to make money just like every other company out there.  Do what I do - Buy their stock, make a fortune on it, and justify buying their product since they are making you money as part owner of the company.


“The iPad Case, however, now shows a mid April ship date”.

Where on earth do you get your info from?  Mine is showing “Ships by April 3”.  Nowhere does is say “Ships sometime in may”.

What’s with all the scare tactic rumors going on?

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Nice fanboyism Ron. I understand your concern with people airing their misgivings about Apple. When you walk into the local Starbucks, iPad in hand, there is bound to be someone there who will judge you as an extension of Steve Jobs undisputed douchieness, because people like Bryce speak up in public. Here’s a hint. Just order your favorite beans brewed black. That will make up for the damage carrying around an iPad will do to the respect you command.


I went to the online Apple Store.

iPad case ships: Mid April
iPad Keyboard Dock ships: May
iPad 10W USB Power Adapter ships: May

David, I don’t think they are scare tactics. I guess you are just lucky that your online Apple Store has faster shipping times than everyone else’s.


Mine also says Ships by April 3. I ordered on day 1 so it sounds like they’ve got more demand than anticipated. Great news! Now, like RonMacGuy, my 300 shares that I bought at $35 will go up even more. Go Apple!


I love to see the wisdom of hundreds of years passed on by Aesop’s fables such as the one about ‘The Fox and Sour Grapes’ is still accurate in the twenty first century.

Way to Bryce and Che!



I’m sorry, Che. Did you not understand my Economics 101 lecture? Using words like fanboyism and douchieness just shows your ignorance. I was addressing Bryce’s comment: “I?ve decided that I?m not even going to touch an iPad until Apple drastically changes their policies on how they do business.” What you call fanboyism was a simple explanation of economics and the goals of corporations in general.

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Ron, if that’s what you got out of Econ 101, that companies just do what they want and we are free to buy or not buy and should shut up and not judge or criticize, I shudder to think what your college’s Government 101 course was like. Probably something on the order of “worship the dear leader and don’t ever talk about Tienanmen Square”. It totally makes your unshaking love of Apple understandable, though.

I prefer a more Hayekian Econ 101. We’re all free actors, and the ultimate good is information. Fanboyism and douchieness play into information flow, as do criticisms of those.


Wow, Che. As expected, you are totally off base. But hey, you are always good for a laugh.

You may not like the basic rules of supply and demand, even my “dumbed down” version of it, but it still holds. But I have broken my promise to myself to not get caught up arguing with PC fans who seem to rather complain about Apple than to play with their own kind in whatever Windows 7 news items are out there.

The ultimate good is “good” information, not just information.  I still say that Bryce’s comment qualifies more as a troll and general Apple slam than a reasonable opinion with supporting information, as yours normally do. You may not like that, but it’s true. BTW, I have a bachelor degree in Industrial Management and an MBA in Corporate Finance and Management Information Systems.  You cannot discount the success of Apple’s business model and subsequent sales growth with your petty little shots and misinterpretation of Hayek’s economic theories.

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Supply and demand have nothing to do with it Ron. You told Bryce to shut up. Maybe you could also write a note to Tim Bray (creator of XML) at Google and tell him to STFU too!

There is a bubbling level of discontent with Apple among people who have been (and some who still are) its fans. Would you write off the same discontent if the company were, say, Toyota? If the product were essentially a love mark, say, the Prius? If the discontent were about a safety issue, say, braking? And if the discontent were beyond proportion to the actuality of the problem, say, the huckster driving down the I8 in San Diego claiming his Prius was out of control, or Brian Ross of ABC News essentially faking a tachometer sequence? Let’s look at the effect on Toyota’s earnings this quarter when those come out. Supply and demand, right?

The Apple detractor situation is simmering right now, but it has good reason to simmer. Bryce point to expensive proprietary accessories available only from Apple. It’s not far from going full boil negative with everyone piling on. And with Steve and the helm and nobody on his BOD or in his company to challenge him, it absolutely will. And one day, you’ll apologize to Bryce and thank him for giving you a heads up.

Ted Landau

Have some perspective.

A year from now (heck 6 months for now), no one is going to care or even remember whether or not the iPad case shipped April 3 or “mid-April.” This is much ado about nothing.

Anyway, revised shipping dates (if accurate) may reflect the ship date for those who order today (as a result of limited supply). If you ordered earlier (with an earlier listed ship date), you may still get yours with the earlier date.


I ordered an iPad case from another vendor and it has already shipped and will be waiting here at home for my April 3 rd delivery.



Bryce made a sarcastic troll (“they?re messing us over by forcing us to buy overpriced accessories, now they?re gonna? make us wait for it”).  I pointed out that they are not forcing you to do anything.  My biggest mistake was falling for it and getting sucked into an argument.  I guess you win.

Bryce, I apologize for responding to you and (according to Bosco) telling you to shut up.  It was rude and inconsiderate.  Bosco compares Apple to Toyota, so I guess us arguing over the ship date of an iPad case is similar to dozens of people dying in car accidents.  I sure hope my iPad doesn’t electrocute me or something when I get it.

Everyone has their right to an opinion.  I will refrain from responding in the future.




This really is a nothing story. What’s with the emotional investment, guys?

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