Apple Released Logic Studio Update with Logic Pro 9


Apple released a new version of Logic Studio complete with Logic Pro 9 on Thursday. Along with a new version of Logic Pro, the suite update rolled in over 200 new features as well as updates for MainStage, SoundTrack Pro and Compressor.

Logic Pro 9 includes a new Amp Designer along with Pedalboard plug-ins that offer realistic virtual guitar amps and stompboxes. Amp Designer includes 25 vintage and modern amp head recreations, and three microphone types that can be positioned virtual 3D space so users can build their own custom guitar rigs. The new version also added Flex Time tools to manipulate recording tempo and timing easily.

MainStage 2 added a new Playback plug-in so users can perform in real-time with pre-recorded audio, and the new Loopback plug-in lets musicians record and layer performance tracks and play along in real-time.

Soundtrack Pro 3 added Voice Level Match support, an improved File Editor with frequency-level control over volume levels, and a new Advanced Time Stretch feature for high-precision audio stretching and compression.

Compressor 3.5 added the ability to auto-detect QuickTime settings to create Easy Export templates or Droplets that automate Compressor actions, and added customizable sharing options for exporting to several devices and services such as the iPhone, mobile phones, YouTube, Apple TV and MobileMe.

Logic Studio is priced at US$499, and upgrades from earlier versions cost $199.