Apple Releases Find My iPhone App

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Along with updates for MobileMe, Apple released its new Find My iPhone app for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad on Friday. The app gives users a dedicated interface for tracking down a lost device when they’re away from their computer.

Like the Web-based version of Find My iPhone, the app lets users locate their missing device on a map, can display messages and play alerts on the missing device, remotely set a pass code lock, remotely lock a device, and can remotely delete all of the data on a device.

Find My iPhone requires a MobileMe subscription, priced at US$99 a year. The Find My iPhone app is free, and is available at Apple’s iTunes-based App Store.

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I guess you’d need to use someone else’s iPhone or iPod Touch to find your missing iPhone, right? It’s early so I may be missing something…


I guess you?d need to use someone else?s iPhone or iPod Touch to find your missing iPhone, right? It?s early so I may be missing something?

Either that, or the app just displays this message: “You’re Holding It”

Jeff Gamet

Yeah, the idea is that you can use someone else’s iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to find yours. I installed the app on my iPhone and iPad so I can track down one from the other.

Realistically, I’ll be using my iPad to figure out that my iPhone fell between the couch cushions. Again.


@dmuzzy: Good One! smile

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