Apple Releases iOS Updates to Fix PDF Vulnerability

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Apple Releases iOS Updates to Fix PDF Vulnerability

Apple updated iOS for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad Wednesday, an update that plugs a security hole involving PDF files. That security hole was used in a recent jailbreak hack for users wanting to jailbreak their iOS devices, but it could also be used by malicious hackers to take over your device.

Apple released iOS 4.0.2 for iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 4, as well as iPod touch 2nd generation and iPod touch 3rd generation. The company released iOS 3.2.2 for iPad WiFi and iPad WiFi + 3G. Both updates exceed 450MB.

You can download both updates through iTunes when you are syncing your iOS device.

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Lee Dronick

I wonder if it will speed up iOS on 3G iPhone


I’ll certainly download it and try to see if it fixes my Touch.


Harry, have you turned off Spotlight on your 3G?
That’s really been the only way to reverse some of the OS 4 effect on it.

It wasn’t worth it to me, I downgraded (wipe/reset) my 3G and sold it.

Got a 4G! grin

Lee Dronick

Harry, have you turned off Spotlight on your 3G?
That?s really been the only way to reverse some of the OS 4 effect on it.

Yes, I did that and it helps, but doesn’t bring it back up to speed. Tomorrow I am going into the Genius Bar and see if they will take it back to version 3. If not I will wait another month to see if Apple addresses the issue. After that I will get a 4G.

How difficult was it for you to downgrade? I have read that it is iffy.


A few things:

1. This update ONLY fixes the 2 security issues mentioned in the release notes. Nothing else is changed.

2. Any hopes of your iPhone 3G running faster will have to wait for Apple to release iOS 4.1, since nothing else has changed. There are working betas avaliable for developers, but it is *still* not ready for the light of day. My (completely uneducated and unfounded raspberry) guess would be that it is released within the first 2 weeks of Sept. after new iPods/whatever else are released.

3. I downgraded my 3G, and it works perfectly fine and is an easy process. You can download the 3.1.3 firmware for iPhone 3G directly from Apple at,2_3.1.3_7E18_Restore.ipsw

then simply hold down the Option key when you choose restore in iTunes. The only thing you might want to avoid is restoring your 4.0 data backup (iTunes might not even let you) which means you could lose your photos/settings. There are (currently) very few apps that actually REQUIRE iOS 4 in my experience. The notable exception being Loopt.

4. I would not recommend purchasing an iPhone 4 if you use your phone to make phone calls. Don’t buy into Apple’s scheme of forcing you to upgrade from a perfectly good phone that has been crippled by bad software. Also, the iPhone 4 suffers from a severe problem where the proximity sensor fails to work. I have been using it since release day, and I am completely fed up with it. I would estimate that in 7/10 calls, the screen will turn on and I will accidentally mute the mic, call someone into a conference, activate facetime, or hang up the call. After accidentally conferencing in my girlfriend’s mother and hanging up on AT$T after being on hold for 15 minutes and losing my place in line on the same day, I have vowed to myself that I will either use a headset or speakerphone, but never again will I put the phone to my face. Until Apple comes up with a fix that other people verify works (unlike their antenna “fix”), I wouldn’t touch this phone with a 10 foot pole if I were you.

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