Apple Releases MobileMe Calendar Update

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Apple released yet another update today, this one focused on MobleMe Calendars. The new features in the update include the ability to invite others to an event and to share calendars.

From Apple’s email message to MobileMe customers:

  • Event Invitations: MobileMe users can now invite others to events from a MobileMe Calendar.
  • Share calendars: Now MobileMe users can fully share their calendars with other MobileMe users, or publish a read-only version accessible by non-MobileMe customers.
  • Updated web app: The new MobileMe web interface lets users easily manage multiple calendars, and has been optimized to display best on popular browsers such as Firefox and Internet Explorer 8.

MobileMe Calendar Upgrade

To update, MobileMe users should sign into their accounts ( and select “Upgrade now”.



You left out one big deal: this new calendar syncing only talks with devices that run the iOS 4.x version. 1st generation iPod Touches (early iPhones?), like one I have which syncs with Mobile Me’s calendars at present, won’t work if you upgrade…unless you can find something in the info that says otherwise.


Also requires Snow Leopard on the Mac. Very unfortunate..

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