Apple Releases New Mac vs. PC Ads That Ignore Microsoft

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Apple has four new Mac vs. PC ads now playing on TV, none of which address any of Microsoft's recent commercials, which include a series of "I'm a PC" ads that claim John Hodgman's PC character is a cliché and a new series of ads in which people are given a budget to buy a computer and never select a Mac. All of them are available for viewing at Apple's web site.

In "Biohazard Suit," PC worries about the viruses and other malware that plague the Windows platform, which he says have tripled over the past year. Trying a different tactic, PC says in "Legal Copy" that PCs are easier to use than Macs, which results in a legal disclaimer along the bottom of the screen; it grows as he talks. 

"Stacks" touts iPhoto's new facial recognition feature, which has been available on the Windows side but doesn't come preloaded on a new computer, as Justin Long's Mac character points out while PC flips through stacks of photos one by one.

Finally, "Time Traveler" doesn't promote Mac OS X's Time Machine technology, as one might think: PC builds a time machine and travels to the year 2150, where he hopes Windows' problems have been solved -- unfortunately, the 22nd century version of PC freezes before he can answer the question.

PC meets his future self

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I like them.
I’m glad to see Apple bringing out new ads. We need to have more of this now that M$ has gone on the offensive.

Lee Dronick

I?m glad to see Apple bringing out new ads. We need to have more of this now that M$ has gone on the offensive.

I wonder if they had these on the shelf, that the were not recently produced. Just wondering aloud.


So on the Apple web site you can view ads going back to 2006. The first ad is about virus problems with PCs. essentially the same as this 2009 Biohazard ad.

Either Apple isn’t creative or Windows hasn’t fixed a problem…

Lee Dronick

Apparently you can read the “Legal Copy” if you have HD. The folks over at MacJournal have a transcription and it is a hoot
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