Apple Releases OS X Mountain Lion on Mac App Store

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As promised, Apple released OS X Mountain Lion on the Mac App Store on Wednesday. The major update for the Mac operating system is available only as a download and leaves a few early Intel-based Mac models behind.

Mountain Lion hits the Mac App StoreMountain Lion hits the Mac App Store

Mountain Lion will include several features borrowed from iOS for the iPad such as Notification Center and Reminders, includes system-wide app-level support for Twitter and Facebook, offers tighter integration with iCloud, includes the new iMessages app, Gatekeeper for better app security, and more.

The new OS includes system-level iCloud support so apps such as Pages, Numbers and Keynote can auto-sync documents through between Macs and iOS devices.

Mountain Lion’s Reminders app works like its counterpart on iOS 5 to managing to-dos. The Notes app, which has been included in iOS since the original iPhone, has been rolled into Mountain Lion, and supports text as well as attachments, web links, and in-line photos. Both support iCloud syncing.

The OS now includes system-level dictation support, much like the third generation iPad’s dictation feature. Users can speak to their Mac and their words will convert to text in any document.

Safari includes iCloud Tabs, which syncs open Web page tabs between your Macs and iOS devices, and the Web browser includes more support for multi-touch gesture navigation.

Good news for users that want to cut another cord from their Macs is AirPlay support. Mountain Lion will include AirPlay mirroring with support for 1080p video.

Social networking fans now get system-level support for services such as Twitter and Facebook.

System and some app updates are a little easier to install thanks to PowerNap, a new feature that lets your Mac download App Store software updates, perform backups, and update other data at night when you aren’t using your computer. It runs your computer in a low power mode that doesn’t kick on your fans, too.

OS X Mountain Lion is priced at US$19.99 and is available for download through Apple’s Mac App Store.

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Ugh. I just got done migrating to Lion at work. I don’t think my 1st gen MacPro at work is supported, so it may be EOL as far as OSX goes. Same goes for MacBook at home. My home iMac is only thing I can try it on.
I’ll be waiting until the early adopters work out all of the bugs. So get to it you guys! smile


Went online and signed up for my free upgrade. Still waiting.


come and share your grief if you have an orphaned MacPro


since this morning—Eastern Time—people with App Store credit cannot use that credit to buy the 10.8 upgrade.  Keep getting an error message saying that app store credit is “temporarily unavailable”.  This makes me think back to the old days when a blockbuster movie came out and we could not use movie passes on opening night.  Ugh! :(


come and share your grief if you have an orphaned MacPro

You’ve got a better chance of seeing Muslims want to bring peace to this world…..

Tech Marketer

There is no doubt that this new Mountain Lion OS looks cool. But I was reading an article today which says that this new OS also has high threats from Malware and virus attacks. I always wonder why Mac user don’t think about installing a virtual desktop. Because Virus outbreaks are no longer a headache in hosted virtual desktops since you operate in a virtual environment which is 10 times more secured and there are no threats of any malware or virus attacks,

Here is a useful resource for Mac users, explaining what else a virtual desktop can do for Mac OS:


Looking forward to reviews on Mountain Lion.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to download it until next week when I am back home and I have access to adequate bandwidth (and have redundantly backed up and boot-cloned my MBP’s hard drive).

You?ve got a better chance of seeing Muslims want to bring peace to this world?..

The global community has access to TMO’s website. I just happen to be reading this from within a country whose population is 84% Muslim, most of whom are law-abiding, demonstrably hospitable, and clearly peace-loving. I don’t think this remark helps your point, is consistent with fact, or promotes an inclusive forum for discussion.

Lee Dronick

I installed it on my iMac and so far so good. I will give it a good workout and if everything is fine, or mostly fine, I will install it on my MacBook Pro. After I get up to speed then I will install it on my wife’s Macbook Pro.

Two problems with Mountain Lion on my iMac

1. Parlient’s PhoneValet doesn’t work at all. It is no longer being sold or even supported so I uninstalled it. I liked it, but there are similar apps.

2. When trying to run CreativeSuite apps I was getting an alert “CS4 service manager needs to install Java SE 6 runtime.” and the app would not open. I turned on Java and then the apps opened. Then I turned off Java and apps opened. Was CreativeSuite phoning home?

Speaking of CreativeSuite 4 it seems to be fine under Mountain Lion, it was flakey for me under Lion. I may upgrade to CS6 in a few months, mostly I want PhotoShop and Illustrator.


I installed it on my iMac and so far so good. I will give it a good workout and if everything is fine, or mostly fine, I will install it on my MacBook Pro. After I get up to speed then I will install it on my wife?s Macbook Pro.

Many thanks for that, Lee. It’s good to hear from ‘regular folk’ about their OSX ML installation/use experience (not that any of the regulars here are truly ‘regular folk’). If you find any other anomalies, please do share.

I have to wait until I am back home at the end of this weekend to even download OSX 10.8. However, in honour of the good TSA folk at Dulles International in Washington, who yet again relieved me of my back up hard drive while I was en route to my research post, I have to purchase yet another back up hard drive and clone my MBP hard drive before installing OSX ML (I’m sure that TSA did this for security reasons - wouldn’t want a portable hard drive exploding in the cargo hold, now would we?).

I’ve checked and found that all my main apps are ML ready, so anticipate no problems. The only thing I need to fix is that, apparently when I migrated from my 2009 MBP to my 2011 MBP, my recovery partition got nixed. I don’t know if the instal will care of it, or if I’ll have to deliberately restore it, but it needs fixing.

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