Apple Releases Safari 4.0.2 with Nitro JavaScript Engine Improvements

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Apple updated Safari to version 4.0.2 Wednesday, an update that improves the stability of the Nitro JavaScript engine. It also includes other recent security patches from recent Safari updates.

The patch is a 40.2MB download for Mac OS X Leopard can be downloaded through Software Update. Windows users can find the update through the Apple Updater utility. The new version is also offered on Apple's Safari Download page.



Firefox has AdBlock Plus.
Firefox has bookmarks in the sidebar.
Safari does not.
Don’t care about Safari.
So happy there are no adverts on the MacObserver website.


Safari has instant dictionary lookup. Firefox does not. Safari can instantly add a photo from the web to iPhoto. Firefox can not. Firefox is nice but has a GUI that is too Windowsy.


Safari is fast, very fast.

Adblock Plus? yea good for those surfing for pron.


Mr. Barnes - get ClickToFlash for Safari and block the flash ads.  Get Safari Adblock.  (This from a long-time former Firefox user)


I’ll give credit to Apple for finally getting to some security issues in fewer than 6 months.

I’ll still use Firefox because it’s a full-featured browser on multiple platforms.  Safari is coming along, though.  If Apple continue to address security issues quickly and enhance Safari in more useful ways, they’ll have a good browser that’s worth considering.


I’ll stick with Safari. It’s clean. It’s fast. I do think Firefox is cool, particularly since there are so many plugins available for it; but it’s too much like a Windows app for me.


So does this solve the whole JavaScript issue?


google chrome is the fastest!!!!


Safari’s latest update stops those behind pop up ads too! Those are really annoying. Safari is the fastest by far.

Thomas Behler

I recently Updated to Version 4.0.2 (4530.19) and ever since, Many, Many Websites text is unreadable. Fractions, and Weird Number characters, etc. are in place of where the text should be. I have tried changing the Text Encoding, Resolved Conflicts with Duplicate Fonts, and Even ran a First Aid w/ Disk Utility . If I’m having this problem then I KNOW There must be others, Who Knows what to do to fix this problem?
Thomas Behler



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