Apple Releases Security, Java, and Daylight Savings Update for Mac OS X 10.4

Apple Inc. quietly released three updates for Mac OS X Thursday addressing security, Java, and Daylight Savings Time issues. All four of the security issues in the security update address issues originally published by the Month of Apple Bugs project. Both the Java and Daylight Savings Time updates address recent changes to the way Daylight Savings Times is being handled in the U.S.

The security update addresses issues in CoreServices, iChat, and UserNotificationCenter. The extended update notes also mention an issue with the Finder that could allow a bad guy to make a disk image that would crash your Mac when opening the image, or even allow "arbitrary code" to be executed. The later effect could result in the bad guy taking over your Mac. The iChat and UserNotification patches also address issues that could have allowed the bad guys to take over your Mac.

The Java for Mac OS X 10.4, Release 5 update is 81.2 MB, Security Update 2007-002 is 4.5 MB, and Daylight Saving Time Update for Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server is a 9.2 MB download.