Apple Replacing Faulty MacBook Case Bottoms

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MacBook, now with better grippy bottom!Apple began replacing the bottom case piece on white MacBooks ahead of the Memorial Day weekend for units where the non-slip rubber surface is detaching. The company launched the replacement program in response to issues where some MacBook owners were having issues where the rubber bottom sheet was detaching from the rest of the laptop case.

“Apple has determined that under certain circumstances the rubber surface on some MacBooks may separate from the bottom case of the system. MacBooks shipped between October 2009 and April 2011 may experience this issue,” Apple stated in a Knowledge Base article. “Apple will replace the bottom case of any affected MacBook, free of charge, that exhibits the issue.”

MacBook owners can get their MacBook repaired at no cost by scheduling a Genius Bar appointment at an Apple Store, or by visiting an authorized Apple Service Center. Owners can also order a do-it-yourself repair kit that includes a replacement bottom panel, screw driver and instructions.

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My wife’s 2008 white MacBook case has cracked, been replaced, and it’s cracked more. Now the 2009-2011 cases are being recalled because they are falling apart.

Come On Apple. You’ve made plastic laptop cases for like 20 years. What happened? Did you suddenly forget how?

other side

What happened? Did you suddenly forget how?

Well when one contracts with the same factories that make the same garbage destined for Wal-Mart’s PC aisle, one really shouldn’t be surprised.

Apple’s old-school hardware (1980’s era, excepting the Apple III) was stuff of legend, much of it still works.  Somehow I don’t think my iPhone will have that kind of life. smile


Well when one contracts with the same factories that make the same garbage destined for Wal-Mart?s PC aisle, one really shouldn?t be surprised.

Walmart carries the same PC brands as other stores, as well as other name brand electronics.

Exit your basement and venture out into the world, it might do you some good.


Walmart carries the same PC brands as other stores, as well as other name brand electronics.

I’ve suspected for a while now that even name brands have different grades. We got a Whirlpool stove a couple of years ago. We figured that Whirlpool was a good name brand so even though we bought it at the discount store it should be OK. No dice. We’ve had the motherboard fail three times in the first year and a half. Once more and they have to replace the whole thing. I’ve gotten to know the Tech fairly well and he told me that this was not the same model as the identical appearing unit sold at Sears. Different model number and different motherboard. Same brand but obviously a different grade for the discount shop.

I seriously doubt that the Toshiba Satellite they sell at Wallmart is the same as the one they sell at Best Buy.

John Dingler, artist

Hi Geoduck,
You may not have a brand issue with Whirlpool, but I have a brand issue with Fuji and Shwinn bicycles.

Been looking for a new carbon road bicycle but I refuse to buy either of the two brands because I associate them with low quality bikes sold at Sears and KMart.  Now the two companies discontinued licensing to manufacturers who make them for the two stores and instead provide upscale bikes through the LBS. And they are handsome and are made with top components.

However, their brands are tarnished; Every time I see one, I can’t help but be reminded of low quality materials and so I refuse them. Looking at Masi or even Sette.

Let’s hope that Apple does not do low and high grades of the same model.

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