Apple Revamps App Store Interface: Bigger Icons, New Layout, More

Apple began rolling out tweaks to the iTunes App Store's interface over the weekend. The company has changed the way screenshots for iPhone apps are displayed, rearranged the layout of each app's page, and increased the size of both the app's logo and buy button. In addition, the way customer reviews are displayed has been simplified, with large buttons to shift between reviews of the current version and all versions.

Starting with the layout, Apple has moved to an all-white background scheme instead of the steel-blue/gray color used before. The app's logo is still at the top left of the page (see the first image below of Glance, made by friend-of-TMO, Michael Mendelsohn), but it is now much larger, and the Buy button is now directly beneath that logo, and is also larger.

The description of the app has now been moved to the top, next to the logo, while developer and app information has been moved to a spot below the logo. Customer ratings are directly below that, which means they are somewhat separated from customer reviews.

Another significant change is the way screenshots are presented. There used to be a single screenshot on the page, allowing users to navigate through multiple screenshots where available. Now Apple is offering a frame within the app's page that shows 2-3 screenshots (depending on the how big your iTunes window is), along with a scrollbar to navigate through any that may not be available.

Screenshot of Glance's App Store entry

The other significant change involved customer reviews, which are now more plainly labeled "Current Version" and "All Versions." Page navigation is also more plainly labeled

Customer Reviews
Customer reviews