Apple Revamps iPad 2 Smart Cover

| Product News

Apple updated its iPad 2 Smart Cover lineup on Monday, although the changes are subtle enough that many people may not notice. The biggest change comes to the polyurethane covers with a dark grey version replacing the orange version.

Smart Cover, sans orangeApple dropped orange from its Smart Cover lineup

The leather covers got a minor change, too, or at least an updated product description. The leather cover description now says the microfiber lining is soft and color-matched, instead of just soft. The original linings, however, matched the cover’s leather color, too.

Price points for the Smart Cover remain the same at US$69 for the polyurethane versions and $69 for the leather versions.



US$69 for the polyurethane versions

Should be $39, no?


If the dark gray replaces the orange, then what is that color between the green and the pink?

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