Apple Rumored to Use Slim Bezel on Future 7.85-inch iPad

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Rumors of a smaller iPad were strengthened Monday when DigiTimes reported that sources within Apple’s supply chain claim Apple is not only developing a 7.85-inch iPad, but that the company is using slim bezel technologies to maximize the viewing area of the display on the smaller form factor.

7-inch iPad Bezel

TMO artist’s rendering of the concent
Apple will likely make something that looks better than our mock-up, but you get the idea. 

Speculation of a smaller, roughly 7-inch iPad has persisted since shortly after the original iPad’s launch in April 2010. Following the release of Amazon’s Kindle Fire in November 2011, discussion intensified.

While no single tablet has thus far been able to credibly challenge the iPad from a sales perspective, the fact that Apple does not compete in the 5- to 8-inch product category leaves the company open to a potentially successful challenger in the overall tablet market. This perceived vulnerability has led to increasing rumors of the future, smaller iOS device which DigiTime’s sources now claim is inevitable.

Long-time Apple observers will note that the late Steve Jobs once said that the 7 inch form factor is too small for a proper tablet user interface. Earlier this month, however, the company introduced a replacement for the iPad 2 that increases the resolution of its 9.7 inch form factor from 1024 x 768 to 2048 x 1536. That leaves room for Apple to release a 7 inch device with the original 1024 x 768 resolution and argue that this is the magic that makes the 7 inch form factor work.

The 7.85-inch iPad is rumored to be priced between US$249 and $299 and will directly compete with offerings from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Samsung, among others. The smaller iPads are also rumored to have high quality IPS displays but, due to cost constraints, will likely not adopt the pixel density of a “Retina-quality” display, as found in the new iPad and iPhone. 

A previous report from DigiTimes claims that production of the 7.85-inch iPads will begin in the third quarter of 2012.


Lee Dronick

it is a drawing tablet and control pad for Macs and the Apple TV.

John Martellaro

It’s also an ebook reader you can hold in one hand on the train or the bus.


Well waddaya know, gee whiz… a smaller iPad!!!  Go figure.

Lee Dronick

Or a larger iPod Touch, code named the Goldilocks.


Despite my recent failure at predictions, if and when this thing is introduced I hope they call it the iPad Mini.  Drawing its inspiration from the iPod Mini, of course.  (At 7” surely it’s too big to be called a Nano!)

And come to think of it, maybe that this thing really is in Apple’s pipeline is yet another reason why the thing everyone thought would be called the iPad3 wasn’t.  Because would you call the 7 incher the iPad 2 Mini (if it came with low res pixels) or iPad 3 Mini (if retina quality)?  Nomenclature would get very confusing very fast!


Before we get all excited, let’s remember that the same source said that the next iPhone would be the iPhone 5 and have a rounded/teardrop cross section. Digitimes is often terribly wrong.


Well waddaya know, gee whiz? a smaller iPad!!!? Go figure.

See CudaBoy, you got all worked up over nothing.  Oh, and given the global sellout of pre-orders on the new iPads, how the heck could Apple have manufactured enough of both the large and the small iPads if they released both of them now?  Let people get frustrated with the current 7” underpowered ancient-android-version junk that is out there and then Apple swoops in with the new one!!

My vote on the new names when the smaller one is released:  The MINiPad and the MAXiPad!!  wink

John Martellaro

RonMacGuy: don’t forget that the 1024x768 display that would be in the 7-incher is in much greater supply than the one used in the iPad 3.


See CudaBoy, you got all worked up over nothing.

Me? Seems the drones were the haters.
Apple agreed with me obviously. Now Apple is the “me too”“playing catch-up” as Martellaro so elegantly called the competition.


RonMacGuy said:

My vote on the new names when the smaller one is released:  The MINiPad and the MAXiPad!!

Egads! I don’t think they want to market these exclusively to women!

Lee Dronick

RonMacGuy said:

My vote on the new names when the smaller one is released:? The MINiPad and the MAXiPad!!

MacFrogger said:

Egads! I don?t think they want to market these exclusively to women!

FlaccidPad and ErectPad smile

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