Apple Says Goodbye to YouTube in iOS 6

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Apple won’t be including its YouTube app in iOS 6 even though it’s been included with iOS ever since the launch of the original iPhone in 2007. Instead, Apple says video watchers can go to the YouTube website.

The licensing deal Apple had with YouTube is ending, the company said, and added, “customers can use YouTube in the Safari browser and Google is working on a new YouTube app to be on the App Store,” according to Reuters.

Apple's YouTube app: Gone in iOS 6Apple’s YouTube app: Gone in iOS 6

The decision to drop the YouTube app was likely a strategic move on Apple’s part to cut out Google’s presence in the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch operating system even more, noted Needham & Co. analyst Kerry Rice.

“Apple and Google are the mobile operating systems for the future and this is where the battleground is going to lie,” he said. “If it’s going to be a two-horse race, you certainly don’t want to give the other horse any kind of lead.”

ThinkEquity analyst Ronald Josey thinks Google’s own search engine may be next to go. “The writing’s on the wall that when search is up for renewal, there’s a significant chance that Google may not be the default,” he said.

Assuming Apple does drop Google as the default search engine in Mobile Safari, it would have to look for a replacement since there isn’t any indication that the company is ready to roll out its own. Microsoft’s Bing could replace Google, although that would still leave Apple handing over control of mobile online searches to a competitor.

For now, it seems likely iOS users will still see Google as their default mobile Internet search engine, and when iOS 6 ships in a few weeks they may have a new YouTube app from Google as well.

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But what about Twitter, Tumblr or other apps that call up the YouTube app from links? Will these go to the web now? I read on another site somewhere that the links are different for calling up the YouTube vs calling up the page in Safari.


Wow Apple, way to make your device to 10x more undesirable by removing the most popular app aside from facebook.


Good riddance.  It is a relic of another age, when Apple preloaded apps for you.  Along with Stocks (there are better apps), Game Center (I don’t game),Newsstand (just ridiculous that it won’t go within a folder) and Reminders (too clumsy for me), those are apps that I don’t use and would delete if I could.

Lee Dronick

@dig, I like the Stocks app, but my needs in that respect are limited. As to Game Center, and others that can not be deleted, I just move them to the last screen.


Since the YouTube app was mostly to allow youtube to work without flash, it’s a moot point now that video providers are moving away from Flash for video delivery.

I’m sure Google will be more than ready to provide video via Safari or a separate app download from the app store. Although they should make sure youtube works without the app just to avoid users deciding downloading the app just to see a kitty stuck in a jar is too much trouble. smile i.e. the ‘impulse’ viewing would be in danger if they don’t have the app and it won’t play in some form in Safari.


Wow Apple, way to make your device to 10x more undesirable

not sure but it may not be apple’s choice, their licence expired and Google may be the ones who do not wish to renew it??


I would/will be very upset at the loss of the YouTube app.  It’s much easier to search for and play videos in the app than on a website on a mobile device.

Do you think I’ll be able to copy the YouTube app from iOS 5 over to iOS 6? (Or would that require some jailbreaking magic?)

Maybe someone will make a replacement YouTube app in the app store, maybe Google itself will.  That would be fine.

On the search engine topic, it would be a pity and IMHO a huge mistake to let platform wars create an inferior product by defaulting search to something less effective.  I switched to Google search when it proved itself to be better than everything else.  I have not found a search engine that beats it yet (not consistently).  If Apple changes the default I’ll just change it right back.  But it would be a huge waste of effort for them to do that.

The Maps app is also a related topic.  I would also make the same argument there, though they have done a good job of making it sound like their new maps app will be an improvement.  I’m not sure about the quality of the included maps, but there are new features and it handles zooming much better.  So I might be OK with that change.


From The New York Times

“Apple said in a statement that ‘our license to include the YouTube app in iOS has ended.’ It added that owners of its devices would be able to use their Web browsers to view YouTube videos, and that Google was working on a new YouTube app that would be available through the Apple App Store.”

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