Apple Seeds iOS 4.1 Beta to Developers

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iPhone and iPod touch coders got their first taste of iOS 4 late on Wednesday when Apple released a beta to Developer Program members. Since developers are bound by a nondisclosure agreement, official information about what the beta includes isn’t publicly available.

Apple has been promising a software update that would address the artificially high signal strength indicator and potential signal degradation issues some iPhone 4 owners have been experiencing, so there is a chance that might be included in this update. The update could also include fixes for the iPhone 4 proximity sensors, and support for Apple’s promised Game Center social service.

Based on early reports, the beta doesn’t include iPad support. Apple released iOS 4 a few days ahead of the iPhone 4 launch, and said iPad support would be added later this year.

There’s no word from Apple on when iOS 4.1 will be available as a public download.



I have an iPhone 4 here in Japan and also have the signal problem. I lose 2 bars off the signal graph when I grip the bottom left corner. Not sure how the AT&T algorithm advice applies over here. Sounds like Apple might just try to cover it up.


Yeah, that’s why they announced the problem in a public statement.  Good coverup.


The fact that I also get a signal loss on the much denser SOFTBANK Japan network indicates that it’s probably a HARDWARE problem. So what I mean is that Apple will probably use the software update to coverup the signal drop problem. Not actually improving reception.

BTW- Apple is holding a press event this Friday for a “press conference about iPhone 4.”

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