Apple Shares Have Investors in Frenzy

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Apple shares have reached US$310.51 as of 3:00 pm ET and have set record highs for five days in a row. Investors are feeling positive about Apple’s earnings report scheduled for Monday.

E*TRADE 10/15/10

AAPL Stock summary, week of 10/11 (Credit: E*TRADE)

Apple may report Macintosh sales near 4 million units on Monday, but may fall just short according to analysts. The recent deals with AT&T and Verizon to sell iPads plus analyst Shaw Wu’s (Kaufman Bros.) assessment that Apple is on track to ship 3 million iPads per month starting in December “with plans to bring in additional capacity (if needed) in 1H11” have investors in a buying mood. Mr. Wu also estimates total revenues of more than US$64 billion for the Apple Fiscal Year.

Apple will announce its Q4 earnings on Monday, October 18 at 5:00 PM EDT. The TMO team will be providing live coverage.

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Oh why oh why didn’t I buy more stock in 2001?
<smacking head> oh yeah, I didn’t have any more money.
It’s still nice to see.


I bought them in 1993!! I wish I had bought more


Now that’s faith. That was before the first PowerPC Macs came out I think (I got my 7100 in 94).

Lee Dronick

Holy freaking snit! It closed at $314.74 a share!

In the 4th quarter report Apple will say that they had a better quarter than predicted, but then will state that the next one may not be as good. The Chicken Little investors will freak out and dump their stock causing a plunge in price. Meanwhile in this upcoming quarter Apple will do better than they predicted. This pattern is a repeat from many quarters.

Constable Odo

Fall short according to analysts???  I thought it was only Munster that said earnings MAY disappoint due to production shortages.  That’s just one analyst and what does he know for certain?  Apple had been given fairly high target prices before the iPad was a super-hit and before iPad production was ramped up.  So what if Apple doesn’t sell 15 million iPads this year?  Even 12 million should warrant some share gains.  It smells like price manipulation to me.

John Martellaro

Constable Odo. The article section you are referring to, “fall short” speaks to the Macintosh sales.  Analysts are predicting 3.7 to 3.8 million with a very outside possibility of 4 million.

other side

AAPL is certainly on a tear.  Like house prices were circa 2006.

You get the idea.


@other side,
It’s easy to say that, and I find myself thinking that way sometimes.
But Apple keeps making money hand over fist, quarter after quarter. And not just ‘on paper’, by people buying their stock. Real cash, from making money selling what they’re producing.

Neil Anderson

The iPad is the sleeper product that is going to sweep the PC world.


The iPad is the sleeper product that is going to sweep the PC world.

You may just be completely right.  Around 2005 I started buying AAPL right after I switched from a PC.  I accelerated my buying when iPod and iPhone came out.  I just believe that Apple will eventually as ubiquitous as Microsoft was in its heyday.  I thought they won’t go head to head PC vs Mac, instead they’ll usher in a, yes I’ll say it, paradigm shift that will just render Windows PCs obsolete.  It appears that iPad is the leading edge of that shift.  MSFT on a split-adjusted basis went from 7 cents to the $40s in about a twenty year span.  Could it be that AAPL is following a similar trajectory?

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