Apple Signs Up Largest Independent Book Publisher for iPad

Apple has landed Perseus Books Group, the largest independent book publisher and distributor for some 330 other independent publishers, to sell its books on the iPad. The company’s titles will be available on the iBooks Store on April 3rd, 2010, the day the iPad launches.

The New York Times reported that Perseus has agreed to Apple’s demand to not offer ebooks through other retailers (i.e. Amazon) for less than it does at iBooks, a demand Apple has made for all of its iPad-related iBooks publishing houses.

“We’re working with Apple to make books from The Perseus Books Group and the independent publishers we represent available on the iBookstore starting on April 3,” the company told The Times in a statement. “As the leading provider of distribution services for independent publishers, including digital distribution through our Constellation digital service, Perseus is thrilled to be making our books available on the iPad.”

Perseus distributes titles for well-known independent publishers like Zagat and Harvard Business School Press, as well as a host of other smaller independent publishers. Under the deal, those publishers will be able to opt-in to the iBooks deal under the same terms as Perseus.