Apple Source Claims T-Mobile iPhone On the Way

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Rumors that Apple will be offering the iPhone through T-Mobile in addition to AT&T have been circulating for some time, and now it seems a source from inside Apple is claiming a deal is imminent, too.

The unnamed source at Apple told the Examiner “There were talks about it, then strong rumors. Then, there were problems with the carrier. But now, the iPhone will definitely be available for T-Mobile.”

Apparently the deal will come together so T-Mobile can begin selling the iPhone in the U.S. in early 2011. If true, AT&T’s exclusive iPhone partnership with Apple has only a few months left.

Since Apple doesn’t comment on unannounced products or deals, and the anonymous source can’t be verified, this latest report that AT&T’s exclusive iPhone deal is about to end should be treated as just another rumor.

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But, if it isn’t a rumor, I wonder whether this means that Steve and Ivan couldn’t get to a deal, after all?


T-mobile is already selling the iPhone…


T-mobile is already selling the iPhone?

Where does this article mention anything about the UK? Nowhere.

Everyone knows T-Mobile UK is already selling the iPhone. So don’t be stupid in reading just the title instead of the whole article. The third paragraph of the article clearly says, “T-Mobile can begin selling the iPhone in the U.S. in early 2011.”

STFU Scott

Shut up, Scott.


Seems as if “Apple sources” and “analysts” are either completely in the dark or just liars looking for headlines - like politicians.  Unless T-Mobile USA is willing to change all their 3G frequencies they can forget selling the iPhone.


Nonsense.  A relatively minor tweak to the internal hardware for the iPhone would allow it to receive TMobile’s 3G frequencies in addition to AT&T’s.

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