Apple Spends $720K Lobbying for Patent Reform

Apple Inc. is looking to make some changes to the U.S. patent system and spent US$720,000 during the first half of 2007 lobbying the U.S. federal government to make that happen. Like many high tech companies, Apple is pushing for reforms that would make it easier to remove bad patents, according to Forbes.

Companies like Apple are motivated to push through changes to the patent system because reevaluation of some patents after they have been granted could help reduce legal costs. Currently, many companies are saddled with large legal fees because of lengthy court battles over patent issues.

The cash that tech companies spend in lobbying now is likely far less than the cost to defend or attack patents in court.

Federal law requires companies to disclose how much money they spend during the first six months of the year in lobbying efforts. Apple filed its report with the Senate public records office on August 14.