Apple Stock Sets New Closing Record of $568

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Shares in Apple Inc. set another recording closing high Tuesday, ending the day at US$568.10, up $16.10 (2.92 percent). The move came amidst a broad market rally that saw all three major indices rise—the NASDAQ ended the day above 3,000. With a record close comes a record market cap of $529.7 billion.

Three Month AAPL Chart

Three month Yahoo! Finance AAPL chart (with helpful annotations)

AAPL has been on a tear in 2012, rising some $163.10, or 40.3 percent, from its $405 close at the end of 2011, as shown in the chart above. The rise was kicked into gear with the company’s December quarter results that were announced in January. The stock was also goosed by the announcement of the company’s new iPad. which was announced on March 7th and will ship on Friday, March 16th.

Apple’s stock trades on the NASDAQ, and its gains helped push the index to 3039.88, up 56.22 (1.88 percent). This is the first time since December of 2000 that the NASDAQ has flown at such lofty heights, making it the highest close since the tech bust that began that year.

The DOW also did well, ending the day at 13177.68, a gain of 217.97 (1.68 percent). That’s the highest close since May of 2008, the beginning of the most recent economic downturn.

Which makes Tuesday, March 13th, a good day for lots of people.

*In the interest of full disclosure, the author holds a tiny, almost insignificant share in AAPL stock that was not an influence in the creation of this article.

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That’s what you get when you have a socialist in the WH, aiming to destroy our country and way of life.


Lee Dronick


I remember when a Snark was a missle.


True.  But learn how to do math.  405 -> 568 is about 29% not 40. Almost renders your article and it’s arguments useless if you cannot do the most simple calculation known to man

Bryan Chaffin

John, I love it when someone takes a high and mighty tone when incorrectly correcting me. 163.10 is about 29% of 568, but it’s 40.27% of $405. The comparison was to $405, not $568.

I would politely suggest you take your own advice.


And Bryan you are absolutely correct in they way you presented it. A stock shares price gains are always look at as a percentage against where they began. So John this article is correct on its assesment of the share price from a business perspective as well.  Just a little bit of education would go a long way for some people before they decide to speak out uninformed.


That?s what you get when you have a socialist in the WH, aiming to destroy our country and way of life.

A socialist who ‘pals around with known terrorists’, if memory serves. What does it portend for the future of the American political landscape, one wonders.

I remember when a Snark was a missle.

Nearly forgot about that.


As Dell fell 0.06% in after-hours trading, and ended the day with a market cap of $30.63B, this means that Apple closed with a value, using the Dell Index, of 17.29. No snark, just facts.


One could suggest that Michael Dell could sell the company and give the money back to the shareholders, but all these PC companies seem to be able to do these days is SHIP things, not sell them.


This article doesn’t tell me anything I dont already know.  Summary - apple’s stock price is rising and making investors money, and pushing up indices. Great

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