Apple Store Adds Social Net Sharing to Mac Pro, iPod Classic

Apple Inc. has added a social network sharing button to two of its products on the online Apple Store. Our friends at MacRumors noted the addition of the sharing buttons after the Apple Store went down earlier on Wednesday, but curiously enough the feature is only present on the Mac Pro and the iPod classic, two Apple’s least popular products (by sales volume).

The button is unlabeled, but appears as an arrow next to the “Select” button, as you can see in the figure below. Click that arrow, and you’ll see two options labeled “Share on Facebook” and “Share on Twitter.” We should note that the only thing “shared” is the name of the product and a direct link to it.

Mac Pro social network sharing on the Apple Store

Mac Pro social network sharing on the Apple Store
(Click the image for a version that larger version that includes the server configuration, FWIW)

In the figure below, however, you can see that iPad 2 does not have the same sharing arrow, which is the case with every other product, except the iPod classic.

No iPad 2 Sharing (yet)

iPad 2 does not yet have the sharing feature

Speaking of the iPod classic, the figure below shows the popup window you get if you want to share a link to the product on Facebook.

Sharing an iPod classic on Facebook

Sharing the iPod classic on Facebook

In the figure below, you can see the results of a tweet we made to test the feature.

Sample Tweet

A sample tweet through the Apple Store