Apple Store Down Ahead of Lion Launch

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Apple’s online store was replaced with the familiar “We’ll be back soon” notice Wednesday morning ahead of the company’s planned release of OS X 10.7, or Lion. This will mark the first time Apple has distributed a new Mac operating system without physical discs, although the store down time may be to prep for the introduction of new computers.


Rumors have claimed that new MacBook Air models with Thunderbolt ports will be introduced today, as will a new external display. Other rumors have said the Mac Pro is due for an update, and that a Mac mini with Thunderbolt support will be released, too.

Apple hasn’t officially announced updated computers yet, so be sure to check in with The Mac Observer for our new product and Lion launch coverage.

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It is back up.  New Air, new Mini.  Both with i5 processors.

2.3 or 2.5 GHz i5
Server model with 2x500gb drives
Descrete AMD graphics on higher-end non-server model
2 GB (2.3ghz) or 4 GB (2.5 ghz) RAM
500 GB HDD
NO Opitcal drive on any models


11” Air:
1.6 GHz i5
2 GB RAM for 64gb model, 4 GB for 128gb model
256gb flash options for higher end model (+$300)

13” Air:
1.73 GHz i5
4 GB on both models!
128GB model still $1299, 256 GB model $1599

Other things: White Macbook is GONE.


Oh, and “On More Thing” (tm)

Thunderbolt 27” Monitor/Docking station!

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