Apple Store Employees Reportedly Getting Some Nice Raises

Apple is reportedly set to raise wages for Apple store employees after an internal review found pay to be a common complaint among workers. Some employees could see their wages rise as much as 25%, though the increases are to be based on performance.

Apple’s newly appointed head of retail, John Browett, had announced shortly after his arrival that the annual performance reviews would be moved up from their scheduled September date. It appears that the reviews have taken place and that a common theme was complaints about wages, as reported by Dow Jones.

Apple Employees

Apple Store employees May Soon Have More Reasons to Smile

Currently, Apple store sales staff average $9-15 per hour while Geniuses can make around $30 per hour. And it seems these wages are low enough that at least one Apple store had employees poached by a nearby Microsoft store offering higher wages and promotions. Geniuses and Creatives are said to have been the most unhappy with the situation.

The pay raises are said to be as much as 25 percent, but will be based on performance. They are expected to start showing up in paychecks in mid-July.

Apple Stores are a significant part of Apple’s strategy and the store staff is a significant part of the consumer’s retail experience. The higher wages are said to better reflect Apple’s position as a high-end retailer.