Apple Store Offline Amid New MacBook Pro Rumors

Apple’s online store was replaced with the familiar “We’ll be back soon” notice Tuesday morning adding more fuel to the rumors that updated MacBook Pro models are about to be released.

The company is widely expected to introduce new laptop models, marking the first major update to the product line in about ten months. Rumors surrounded the alleged product launch claim the new models will be lighter and thinner with longer battery life, much like the MacBook Air updates from late 2010.

Online store down, rumor frenzy up

The rumor mill also reported that Apple will be adding Intel’s new Light Peak peripheral connector to the MacBook Pro lineup. Light Peak offers faster data throughput that current USB and FireWire connections, and supports multiple devices through a single port, including displays, keyboards, mice, hard drives and more.

Apple hasn’t officially announced updated laptops yet, so be sure to check in with The Mac Observer for our new product coverage — assuming Apple’s online store isn’t down simply for routine maintenance.