Apple Store Offline Hints at New Macs

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Apple’s Web-based store went offline Tuesday morning, adding fuel to the rumors that the company will be releasing new Macs and possibly even a new Cinema Display today.

Rumors have claimed that Apple will be introducing updated iMac models, new Mac Pro models, and a 27-inch Cinema Display. The company doesn’t comment on unannounced products, however, so there hasn’t been any confirmation that the products are on the way.

Apple routinely takes its Web store offline for product updates and has a history of introducing updates on Tuesdays, too.

Be sure to check in with The Mac Observer for our coverage of any Apple product updates or introductions — assuming Apple’s store is offline for new products instead of routine maintenance.

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C’mon…. Big money.. no whammy’s

It is Tuesday, Apple’s favorite day to release new products for some reason.


New iMac
New Mini
New Mac Pro
New Displays
New iPod Touch
New AppleTV
All set for the Back to School/Xmas rush

Or they may just change the pictures in the accessories section.


Back now. Just new iMacs, and not much changed.


Yeah. The Mac Mini and iMac have ‘NEW’ flags but I’m not sure what is different about them.


New Magic Trackpad.


Big graphics card changes. The 21.5” iMac I bought in January is now entry level at that size and $300 less.

12 core MacPro? Call the Fire Department.

And NOW does anybody think it’s a coincidence that Apple got through Antennagate before:

1. Releasing quarterly numbers to astonishing results
2. Releasing new/updated products

Currently, the stock is +$4 and climbing. And climbing.

Hit people with the bad news first, and then the good news. Makes bad news go away.  And they give away $.79 bumpers to quash the problem that they can correct in version 2 of iP4.

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