Apple Store Signs Go Dark in Day-Long Tribute to Steve Jobs

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Apple has turned off the iconic white Apple logos that front the company’s fleet of Apple Stores in a day long tribute to Steve Jobs, who passed away on Wednesday. According to sources, the company turned off the store signs at midnight on Wednesday, and plans to leave them off until 9:00 AM local on Friday.

Apple is one of the most valuable brands in the world and millions of people pass by the company’s retail stores on a daily basis. While the logos are still visible, the cost of reducing the company’s massive branding by turning its logos off in tribute is not inconsequential.

Our own Jeff Gamet stopped by Denver’s Flatiron Crossing Apple Store and took a couple of photos.

The lights are off, but someone's home...

Flatiron Crossing Apple Store—The lights are off, but someone’s home…
Photo by Jeff Gamet

That contrasts with how the story normally looks:

Flatiron Crossing Apple Store

Apple promotional photo of Flatiron Crossing storefront
Source: Apple


Close-up of the unlit logo
Photo by Jeff Gamet

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Neat idea, and very symbolic.

Engine Joe

Per my wife (I wasn’t there), the Seattle store is closed all day today; Apple light out, and black draping covering the store, upon which people can write messages in silver markers provided.


I am moved by so many people leaving their messages at Apple stores and also in Cupertino. Apple, and Steve Jobs, touched people’s lives, even though most of us never knew him personally.

Apple’s flags were also at half mast.


What main purpose of changing this ideas.. any knows it??

Lee Dronick

Today’s Joy of Tech comic is nice and simple Zen type of image out of respect for Steve.

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