Apple Stores Outperforming Other Retailers by a Factor of 17

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Apple Stores have been highly successful and new numbers show just how well they have been performing: data compiled by RetailSales show that Apple Stores sales per square foot are 17 times the average of the 160 stores included in the data.

The margin that Apple has over its fellow retailers is remarkable. According to the data collected by RetailSales, Apple is bringing in $5,626 per square foot. The next closest retailer, Tiffany & Co., sells $2,974 per square foot. According to Asymco, the average mall retailer brings in $341 per square foot.

Graph of Retail Sales per Square Foot

Asymco notes, “The data shows Apple leading by a significant margin. It’s more than twice as efficient as the second place Tiffany and Co. It’s also more than seven times the median of the top 20 and seventeen times better than the average mall retail space.”

Apple is also continuing to grow those sales. The year-over-year change in sales has Apple Stores growing at a healthy 70.5%. The next closest retailer grew at 44.9% (lululemon athletica) and the other electronics retailers, GameStop (2.9%) and Best Buy (-0.6%) were among some of the poorest performers.

Graph of Retail Sales Growth

These numbers are for global results of retail space only; they do not include online, licensed, or other sales.They are for the most recently reported quarters, which for Apple is Q3 ended on June 25, 2011, though Apple’s reign as top performing retailer has lasted for years.

Apple has a financial call scheduled for April 24 where new retail numbers should be reported.

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And to think every analyst said Apple was crazy when they first proposed retail stores!


Per Square foot per what? Hour, Day, Week? Does it matter how long the store stays open?

So I went and looked at the link. The figures are for a year (4 quarters) Apple made $14+ Billion in 317 stores which each average 7,886 sq ft

More or less…

Philip Machanick

Unlike most other retailers, Apple has a massive online retail operation that covers their lower-cost range. No one will walk into an Apple retail store to buy an iTunes song or a $2 app. They will however walk in to buy a bigger-ticket item like a Mac because they are more likely to want it demoed and to see how it performs.

Neil Anderson

The article says Apple is bringing in $5,626 per square foot, but the graph shows Apple at over $6,000.

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