Apple Stores: Over 1 Billion Served, More Stores Coming Soon

Apple’s retail stores have hosted over a billion visitors in the ten years since the company’s first location opened. The company’s retail venture isn’t slowing down, either, with its plans to open an additional 33 stores by the end of September, according to Current.

Apple plans to open more stores before OctoberApple has plans for 33 more stores before October

“Apple Retail has been in business for 10 years. During this period, we have had over 1 billion visitors through our doors, many of whom are new to the Mac,” an Apple spokesperson said at the company’s recent Penrith, Australia store opening. “Our retail offering continues to growth, with Penrith the 11th store in Australia, since we opened Apple Store Sydney just three years ago. Globally we are planning to have 363 stores in fiscal 2011.”

Since the company currently has 330 stores around the world, that means it plans to open an additional 33 more before the end of September. Assuming Apple can keep up its pace, expect to see a new Apple Store nearer to you soon.