Apple Swings Name Deal with Ping Golf

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Apple introduced its own music-related social networking service called Ping on Wednesday, but it turns out the Ping name already belongs to a golf equipment company that’s been around since 1959. The two companies struck a deal that lets Apple use the Ping name for its social networking service, and will avoid potential legal headaches over the use of the name, too.

“Like Ping, Apple carries a reputation for innovation and quality.  I have always had great respect for companies that have changed and improved the ways things are done and I continue to model PING along those lines,” commented John Solheim, Chairman and CEO of Karsten Manufacturing Corporation, Ping’s parent company. “Apple is a truly great example of this kind of enterprise.”

Apple CEO Steve Jobs described the Ping social networking service as “like Facebook and Twitter meet iTunes,” and the company is pitching it as music social networking platform.

“With Ping you can follow your favorite artists and friends and join a worldwide conversation with music’s most passionate fans,” Mr. Jobs said.

Apple’s Ping service requires iTunes 10, which was also announced on Wednesday and is scheduled for release some time today.



Hah. Next, Apple will sue the *nix world for using ping to do ICMP echoes to hosts on the Internet. Come to think of it, Windows uses ping.exe as well!

Shame on you, Apple. Again. Next time, try thinking of a name that’s not already in use by something else!

—W5i2, the Anti-Fanboy.


Are you joking or are you ‘special’?


Definitely “special.”  WonderDope doesn’t seem to get that companies strike deals like this all the time where an established brand or trademark can be used in a completely different context.  It’s a good moniker for it, the PING golf company is fine with it…who gives a crap if Apple handled all the proper legal matters to do so?


Weasel is right about one thing. His pen name is the perfect choice for a TROLL.

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