Apple to Add 3,600 Jobs in Texas

Apple has committed to spending some US$304 million to add an extra 3,600 employees to its offices in Austin, Texas. That cash infusion will pay for a new campus in the city to house the extra staff, and will double Apple’s head count in the area over the next ten years.

Apple bringing more jobs to TexasApple’s plans have Texas lawmakers happy. “Investments like this further Texas’ potential to become the nation’s next high-tech hub,” said Governor Rick Perry.

The expansion will double the size of Apple’s workforce in Texas and to sweeten the pot, the state is giving the Mac and iPhone maker a $21 million investment over a ten year window through its Texas Enterprise Fund program.

Apple will be adding new staff primarily to its customer support, accounting and sales teams in Austin. There isn’t any word yet on when Apple plans to start its Austin expansion.