Apple to Continue Offering Final Cut Pro 7 Enterprise Licenses

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Apple to keep selling Final Cut Pro 7 enterprise licensesApple has apparently decided to continue offering Final Cut Pro 7, although only for enterprise deployments. Apple representatives revealed the information during a Final Cut Pro X briefing held in London on Thursday.

News that new Final Cut Pro 7 licenses will still be available in at least in some form will come as good news to production studios that can’t or don’t want to upgrade to Final Cut Pro X (FCPX). The new version of the professional video editing application received a lackluster greeting when it was launched a few weeks ago thanks to a redesigned user interface and missing features.

Apple has since said that many of the features users have been asking for are on the way and will be delivered in a future update to the application.

Alex Gollner listed other details that came out during the London meeting on his blog such as XML import and export for FCPX is coming via a third-party option soon, EDL import and export is on the way, tape capture and playback plug-ins are in the works, XSAN support is on the way, and more.

Apple representatives said that Final Cut Pro 7 enterprise licensing options will be available in the coming weeks, but didn’t offer a specific date.



Ohh I do LOVE a U-Turn


no no no no no…. Apple doesn’t do U-Turns. It’s simply a clarification of offered licensing models that Apple has always offered their many valuable and varied clients!

Lee Dronick

Ohh I do LOVE a U-Turn

Well their corporate headquarters are at 1 Infinite Loop


nice spin…you should work for Apple PR wink

Lee Dronick

We had to destroy FCP7 in order to save it smile

Anyway the decision dampens the kerfuffle. Eventually FCP X will be improved to the point that it will be much better than 7.


I think Apple has done irreparable damage to its standing with the pro community. Even though this is good news for those needing additional seats, many have been spooked to look elsewhere due to Apple’s appalling communication. I’m not sure I trust Apple to add the features I need in FCP X, and some of them - like audio export to discreet tracks, seem to pose very difficult problems given the design of the new program.

It seems to me that FCP X was made for people who’d rather the program take care of everything for them. This seems to be the exact opposite of what most pro editors want.



The problem was that Apple decided to call iMovie ‘12 “Final Cut Pro X” and to kill off production of Final Cut Pro 8.

John Takami Morita

Final Cut Pro X is Perfect for a person who has been working with the lesser Final Cut Express for the past 3 years. It is stable, easy to transition, and has the power to handle the large projects that I have been working on. My art website is


In the professional community, we can no longer trust Apple software..  Before any professional entity decides to buy more FCP 7 licenses, which would be akin to throwing money out the window, they need to look into crossgrading to premiere and opening FCP projects there via XML. 

Problem is, Apple has left us with one costly nightmare.  FCP X is a cross grade in itself, and it’s a tinker toy.  Completely useless on a professional level.

Lee Dronick

Yeah sure, a professional.

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