Apple to Host iTunes Festival in London

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Apple will be hosting its 2010 iTunes Festival in July at Camden’s Roundhouse in London. The event will feature 62 bands playing across 31 nights, and each show will be free.

Apple’s iTunes Festival

So far, Apple has announced that Scissor Sisters will perform on July 1, Tony Bennett on July 2, and Ozzy Osbourne on the third.

Each performance will be recorded and made available on iTunes, which is a good thing since the only way to get in is by winning tickets. Tickets will be awarded as prizes in a series of drawings, and through giveaways on the iTunes Festival Facebook page.

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My first thought: another “us” festival?  Not quite, but that’s probably a good thing.


Just entered;

“If you win tickets, you’ll be notified via email.
Each competition closes 7 days before the date of the gig”

Bearing in mind it’s one ticket per band, you can plan for an event you may not get tickets for, and end up with tickets you can’t use, how stupid is this?

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