Apple to Present at Black Hat Security Conference

Apple is making its first official appearance at this week’s Black Hat  conference with a presentation on iOS security by Dallas De Atley. Mr. De Atley is Apple’s Platform Security team manager and will be speaking on Thursday, July 26.

Apple speaking at the Black Hat conference for the first timeApple presenting at the Black Hat conference for the first time

The Black Hat conference session description reads:

Apple designed the iOS platform with security at its core. In this talk, Dallas De Atley, manager of the Platform Security team at Apple, will discuss key security technologies in iOS.

Developers and security experts will likely be happy to get a chance to learn more about Apple’s security measures, and potentially future plans, for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, as well as iOS 6.

Apple’s presence at the event marks a big change for the company that has historically been tight-lipped, and hasn’t been involved in conferences for a few years.

The Black Hat Conference is an annual event where tech professionals can learn more about security, privacy, and hacking prevention. The event runs from July 21 through July 26 at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.