Apple to Report Q4 Earnings Today

| Apple Stock Watch

Apple’s fourth quarter earnings conference call is set to start later today, October 18, at about 5PM eastern time after the stock market closes.

Apple is expected to report strong iPhone, iPad, iPod and MacBook sales for the quarter. UBS analyst Maynard Um, for example, is estimating about 9.5 million iPods were sold during the quarter, and Shaw Wu from Kaufman Bros expects the recent iPod nano, iPod shuffle and iPod touch product refreshes were strong sales drivers for the quarter.

Be sure to check in with The Mac Observer during the conference call for our live event coverage.

Apple is currently trading in the pre-market at US$319.60, up 4.86 (1.54%).

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There’s a lot of speculation in the last weeks rise. Unless Apple announces significantly better results than anyone is expecting and much stronger prediction for the next quarter than anyone is expecting, I’d expect the stock to drop. Not that I think it belongs at $275 but I see that it could very well end up there. Apple’s probably worth where it’s trading right now, but I believe it’s at $319 for the wrong reasons.

But then I tend to always be on the pessimistic side of things


It’ll drop regardless of what they announce. People are going to take their profits.


Very True


The only question I have is how many iPhones and iPads have to be sold to make the doubters choke on their words. I have never cared about the number of iPhones sold until now, as there has been a massive, coordinated effort to constrain sales with FUD.

As for iPads, I think 4.5M would be plenty, as that would represent 1.5M per month since release. That would more than justify all the hype about sales for the iPad.

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