Apple to Roll Out Podcasts App in iOS 6

Apple to include podcast app in iOS 6Apple will apparently make it easier to find and listen to podcasts when iOS 6 ships this fall thanks to a new app that manages the shows users enjoy. The still unannounced app will apparently handle the process of finding new podcasts to listen to, manage podcast subscriptions, and play downloaded podcasts, too.

Word of the iOS podcast app comes courtesy of unnamed sources speaking with AllThingsD.

Making a podcast-specific app for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad fits with Apple’s track record of pulling features out of its multimedia apps. The company split the iPod app into Music and Video, for example, and iBooks handles book buying and reading while Newsstand handles Magazine and newspaper subscriptions.

Releasing a podcast-specific app would presumably make it less frustrating for on-the-go podcast fans to find the content they’re interested in, and would clean up the cluttered Music app interface some, too.

Apple hasn’t commented on whether or not it really is releasing a podcast app this fall, so for now we’re treating this report as a rumor — a rumor we hope proves to be accurate.