Apple to Sell 3G iPad 2 in China Starting Wednesday

Apple will finally start selling the 3G-compatible version of the iPad 2 in China starting on Wednesday. The company gained approval to sell the 3G version of the multimedia tablet in the country earlier in September.

The 3G-ready version of the iPad 2 will be available through Apple’s Web site and retail stores, and through authorized resellers. There hasn’t been official confirmation yet that China Unicom will sell the tablet, too, although it seems reasonable since the cell service provider already partners with Apple to sell the iPhone in China.

3G iPad 2 goes on sale in China on WednesdayiPad 2 in China, now with 3G

Official approval to sell the 3G iPad in China was good news for Apple since the tablet has already proven popular in the country, but was available only through grey market channels. Shoppers have, however, been able to buy the Wi-Fi version of the iPad 2 in China through legit channels for some time.

Apple hasn’t announced yet how much the 3G iPad 2 will cost in China.